Barnett Wildcat C6 – Crossbow Review 2020

Barnett Wildcat C6-Crossbow Review 

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The people who are just learning or are just a beginner to hunting and want to rely on more long-lasting, heavy-duty, and durable crossbows with reasonable price, the Barnett Wildcat C6-Crossbow is best for them. If you would like to have some information regarding the important features of Barnett Wildcat C6-Crossbow, we have described some important features regarding its design in this review.

  • Efficient safety system
  • Reasonable scope quality
  • Very quiet even without dampeners
  • Limited power and velocity

BowAuthority’s Detailed Review


The Barnett Wildcat C6 is one of the compound crossbows that conveys arrows with a maximum speed of 320fps at almost 91FPKE. The speed range sufficient to direct down most of the small and medium-sized game animals. The crossbow uses 400-grain arrows and the accuracy and power you get keep varying depending on the weather conditions and type of arrow used. The Barnett Wildcat sustains a considerable accuracy for up to 30 yards, providing an average of about 85FPKE performance. It is quite admirable because of its reasonable price.

User Comfort

Although spontaneous, the assembly procedure for this tool is spontaneous, but the guide provided will help you assure that how to stay on the right track. It has clear instructions and guidance to help you out.

The design is practical, modest, and minimalist. Nothing is showy regarding its look and appearance. However, there is a list of features that make this crossbow an attention-worthy and impressive weapon. For instance, you can find a thumbhole to protect your hold as you aim to shoot. Besides, it has a machined Picatinny rail for convenient mounting and a magnesium riser, which is light in weight and convenient to operate the weapon. Apart from all these, there is also a finger reminder feature on the grip that directs a newbie to a specific position to keep your fingers to ensure maximized accuracy.

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The bow’s weight is merely 7Ibs, and the distance from axle to axle is about 18″. It cannot defeat the small crossbow. However, it is still suitable to take shots from limited space. The crossbow can be utilized from your preferred tree stand and even from the ground as well. The camouflage color makes it a useful and successful tool at night as well as in day time.

As Barnett Wildcat C6 has a very light draw weight, it can be cocked conveniently even by hand. The manufacturer has still integrated a winch cocking device making the task exceptionally easy, so it is well suited for the younger people.

Although the weight is more concentrated slightly on the front, the overall lightweight indicates that it is possible to take offhand shots at a closer range, specifically for more experienced hunters. These two features are more well-defined on heavy models, and they must have a noticeable effect on performance. But still, the lightweight of the device makes it less sensitive to these disadvantages.

Noise Suppression

Although the safety mechanism of Barnett Wildcat C6 generates a small click when detached, it is not sufficiently loud to be considered a problem. One of the aspects involved with the production of less noise is the low draw weight on the device. There will be almost no vibration produced when you attach suppressors to silent it completely.


Quality of Optics

One of these is the non-illuminated multi-reticle 4×32, which is comparatively better quality than we can expect from an entry-level model. There are various graduations for the reticle to make sure that you have bolt right on the target for increased accuracy. Although you cannot find the lines as bold as you have them on high-end models, they are very well-defined and clear enough to make a big difference for longer range shots.

The extent works well to increase light transmission, and its constraint only is visible when there is tremendously low light. One of the second options we have is a red-dot sight scope. It needs to use the batteries but cannot provide the capabilities of magnification. 

You can use these depending on your personal choice and suitability, as a selection does not affect the price.  One of the drawbacks is that the bow cannot tackle long-range shots in a significant way. If we talk about the red-dot sight scope, then they also have limitations. One of those limitations is running out of batteries. So, you need to select one by considering all of these factors.


The Barnett Wildcat C6 is surrounded by flared guards on both sides of stock that act as a protective feature keeping the hands and fingers away from the rail, thus saving one from any possible harm or injury. It also has a standard Anti-dry fire mechanism and automatic safety that attaches or detaches depending on arrow placement. The appropriate bow shape and design’s pass-through foregrip makes it convenient and easy to use. It also makes one resistant to injury or any possible accident.


You need to use the device appropriately and according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can use it without any hindrance. So, as long as you take care and follow the required instructions, you will not think to replace it. Additionally, the 5-year warranty makes it more reliable considering its reasonable price.


The overall performance of the device is astonishing considering its lower price. It has all the features that make it a most suitable crossbow for not only beginners but for experienced hunters as well. Although it has some limitations including its small size, other features make it a most suitable crossbow for all.

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